We at 1800 Inogen offer innovative oxygen

At Inogen, they’re pioneers in the development of portable oxygen technology, helping businesses reduce overhead, increase profitability and provide a superior product.

Leading the Evolution of POCs on the Market

Since 2001, each generation of Inogen POCs has been more powerful and/or efficient than its predecessor, scaling alongside the growing adoption of POCs and creating a growing source of potential cash revenue.

The Inogen Advantage

Bluetooth Connect

Manage Your POC Fleet like Never Before
Via Inogen Connect app and Inogen Connect data portal, HME providers have the ability to track, monitor, and manage their fleet of POCs.

Replaceable Sieve Beds

Easy to Replace Within Minutes
Inogen POCs provide a different (and easier) experience for your customers. Replacing a sieve bed is as easy as processing the order, shipping it out and allowing the customer to replace it themselves within minutes.

The Perfect Oxygen Solution

Why Convert to POCs?

  • Declining Medicare reimbursement rates
  • Accelerating rate of POC adoption
  • Cash sale viability of POCs
  • No tanks or deliveries result in decreased overhead and inventory complexity
  • No service calls
  • Decreases travel coordination required with oxygen tanks and less ambulatory devices

Why 1800 Inogen?

  • Global market leader with more than half a million units sold worldwide in more than 45 countries
  • Technology and thought leader in the POC space
  • Superior product reliability and decreased maintenance costs
  • More peer-reviewed and published clinical studies surrounding the product line than any other available portal oxygen equipment

Tested. Reviewed. Validated.

Peer-reviewed clinical studies have validated Inogen POCs usage for patients for everyday use, for travel, and even while sleeping – the space traditionally reserved for continuous-flow oxygen devices.*

  • An oxygen setting selection on the Inogen One based on daytime ADL/ambulation appears to produce effective nocturnal oxygen therapy.
  • When appropriately titrated, the Inogen One is essentially clinically equivalent to the continuous flow of oxygen.
  • The Inogen One is clinically validated to provide the necessary oxygen for most ambulatory patients during all phases of daily activity and during sleep.

Delivering Oxygen Globally

Inogen One POCs are distributed and used throughout the world. There is a global presence with international distributors in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

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